Uberman v1.1 (kmrikky) wrote in goth_ads,
Uberman v1.1

Uberbyte Album & other info

First off. Click on the link if you haven't already to preorder our debut album SIC at the current discount rate of 10 US dollars. Cheap eh ? 12 tracks including the album mix of "total war" from endzeit Bunkertracks III.

Also you can vote for Uberbyte (and may we sugget other Crunch Pod acts like C/A/T, Caustic, Alter der Ruine and Cervello Electronico) to appear at next years M'era Luna festival in germany, please do cos its an awesome event ! use this link:

We should also be shortly able to announce our first forays into Europe in support of SIC although we have no current plans to play the UK until 2009.

Apologies for X posting. If any rules are breached we won't complain at deletion. Feel free to forward complaints to uberbyte@hotmail.co.uk


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