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Gothic Advertising

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Goth Advertising
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Greetings and Salutations.
Welcome to goth_ads
this is a community for all who are interested in advertising their products, sites, and services.
Or, if you'd just like to post pictures if you're an aspiring model, or modelling agency, a club that's wanting to advertise, etc.
this can become whatever you'd like it to.

Join up if you want to advertise for free, or, Just if you want to check out and see what's out there.
Memberships ARE moderated, but Memberships are generally open continuously.

Also, Positions for Moderators and Maintainers are open for volunteer basis.
Please feel free to apply.

This community is wide open for development. If you have anything that you'd like to ad to the bio here, such as links for similar communities, feel free to contribute and e-mail lone_angel7@hotmail.com or leave a comment.
feel free to promote the hell out of this community as well, as others who place their ads here will be very grateful for your help.

thank you for your contributions so keep them coming!