Uberman v1.1 (kmrikky) wrote in goth_ads,
Uberman v1.1

Its a SIC world after all.

Today is the OFFICIAL RELEASE DAY of SIC, the new album from UK old skool / new skool/ future skool industrial masters of reality Uberbyte.

You can order (note not preorder anymore ;)) a copy of this fine fine, mildly sexually disturbing album by clicking below to got to the CRUNCH POD order page.

UK and european peeps can also order from Music Non Stop (just click on their logo):

Keep an eye on your favourite stockist for copies of SIC elsewhere !

You can order copies direct from us shortly. Details TBA when we recieve them ...

Apologies for X posting. If any rules are breached let us know. We wont complain about fair deletion. :)

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